Our worship time usually begins with fellowship; we strive to be a community of love, care and understanding for one another. Often we might spend a a few minutes talking about how things have been going, asking about family and friends, or talking about work and life in general.

When it's time for worship to start, we usually sing a few songs. Often they're contemporary worship songs, and sometimes they're traditional hymns. After that, there will be a reading from the Bible, and a message from one of the pastors or one of the other members, or perhaps a general discussion of the passage. This is normally a casual conversation; people are free to make comments, ask questions, or share experiences. There is usually a time of prayer, too. Worship concludes with the Lord's supper (communion), which we share together every Sunday. This commemorates the last supper Jesus had with his disciples, and involves sharing bread and wine or grape juice together. Our usual practice is communion by intinction, which involves receiving a small piece of bread and then dipping it into the cup.

We believe that during our worship time, the Spirit of Christ is in our midst and is communicating to us about God's love, grace and wisdom. In other words, worship is love expressed from us to God, and if we can look for signs of God's presence, it often allows us to be available for the things God wants to express to us: that the God who made us loves us, is willing to forgive us for the ways we've fallen short, and that God will provide us with spiritual power to live our lives with meaning and fulfillment.


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Morningside Baptist Church)

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